League Constitution

Newcastle & District Golf League

Constitution 2024


The league is the Newcastle & District Golf League.

Officers / Roles
The league will be governed by a Management Committee (“the committee”) consisting of the following officers:
Chair; Secretary; Vice Chair; Past Chair(s); Results & Fixtures Secretary; Treasurer; Honorary President.


The Annual General Meeting will be held each December. Notice of all business to be transacted at the AGM will be given to all member clubs in the form of an agenda at least 21 days prior to the AGM. Any submissions by clubs must be received at least 21 days prior to the meeting in order to be included on the agenda.

Details of financial transactions and current account balances shall be advised to the committee at each League meeting and at the AGM an Income and Expenditure Report along with Balance sheet will be presented.

Member Clubs will be represented at General League Meetings by their Club Captain, incoming Club Captain, Club Secretary or another Club Official that they nominate.

League rules

Rule 1: The latest Rules of Golf, as published by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews shall apply at all times.

Rule 2: Teams of six players will play singles match play off level from the medal tees on Thursdays, or other days, as per the fixture list.

Rule 3: Each individual win scores two points and each halved match one point. Holes up and match wins will be used to deal with ties.

Rule 4: It is expected that Club Captains will ensure that their team have active handicaps and play in active handicap order by Handicap Index, with the exception of the Club Champion who at some clubs has the option to play No 1. An additional exception applies where a reserve is placed into a line-up once play has commenced. In this case, a reserve must replace the absent player.

Rule 5: Each team can bring up to two reserves who are permitted to play in friendly matches.

Rule 6: Matches are scheduled to commence at 17.30, with 18.30 being the deadline for the start of play. An earlier start is permitted, and encouraged, if lack of daylight may interfere with play. Matches do not need to go out in team order and should commence as soon as pairings are available.

Rule 7: If a player is not ready to play by 18.30, a reserve should be used or the individual match forfeited. The penalty for a forfeited match is a loss of match, deemed by one hole, with two points being allotted to his opponent.

Rule 8: In the event of a match having started, should a player fail to complete that match for any reason, then the penalty as in Rule 7 will apply.

Rule 9: Matches should be assumed to be taking place on the scheduled fixture date unless advised more than 48 hours in advance. In the event that a fixture cannot be fulfilled because of failure to field a team, the fixture must be replayed within 14-days of the original fixture. Failure to do so will result in an automatic award of 12 points to the opponents of the team committing the breach, with each match recorded as a 1up victory. No team player points shall be awarded.

Rule 10: If a match is postponed, before or during play, due to the course being unplayable and declared closed by the home Captain or other Club official, the match must then be played within 14-days of the original fixture date and the League Secretary notified immediately. All other circumstances must be referred to the League Secretary and/or the Chair without delay. In the event of the final match of a league season being postponed, a rearranged fixture should take place as soon as possible, and the League Secretary / Chair notified.

Rule 11: Match result. The home club captain will take a photo of match result card after the completion of the match, and must be emailed to the Results & Fixtures Officer immediately after the match.

Rule 12: In order to represent any club in a league match or other competition organised by the league, the player must hold a valid individual membership of the club they intend to represent and hold an active handicap under the rules of the World Handicap System.

A player can only represent one club in League matches and other competitions during the same season.

Rule 13: Should there be a tie for the 1st Division League Team Championship between two teams, this will be decided by a play-off on a neutral course within four-weeks after the end of the season. The format will be a team of seven players with all matches being played to a conclusion. If the tie is between three teams or more, arrangements will be made for those teams to play each other to decide the Championship during the four-weeks after the end of the season.

Ties for the 2nd Division championship will be decided on the same basis.

Rule 14: Ties for any other League positions will be decided on the highest number of holes up during the season. Should there still be a tie; holes down will then be used. Individual player awards are covered in Rule 20.

Rule 15: It is expected that the home Club will provide a meal for all players and officials after the match.

Rule 16: On and off the course, players and officials must follow the dress code of the Club where they are playing. On the course and in the clubhouse after the match, Captains, Vice Captains and players are encouraged wear their team’s attire.

Rule 17: Both on and off the course, in League or League representative matches, the League insists on the highest standards of behaviour from the players at all times. The committee may suspend or permanently ban any player in breach of those standards.

Rule 18: The management committee can only be allowed one vote at an AGM or EGM. Equally, each Club which is a member of the League is allowed one vote.

Rule 19: Changes in this Constitution can only be made at an AGM or EGM and must be carried by a majority of at least 75%.

Rule 20: League & Team Player of the Year Awards

The overall League Player of The Year trophy will be awarded to the player who has won more League points than any other player. A separate award will be made to the leading player in each division. Ties will be decided on holes up, and should a tie still exist, the best match winning percentage will be used.

The trophy, to be retained for one year, will be awarded at the Annual Dinner together with a memento to keep.

Team Player of The Year awards will also be presented at the Annual Dinner to the leading players from each Club.

Ties for any of these awards will be decided on by the number of holes up and, if still tied, on the best match win percentage.

Rule 21: Most Improved Team of the Year Trophy

To be awarded to the Club with the biggest increase in League position compared to the previous season.

Ties will be decided on holes up. If still tied, holes down will also be used.

Rule 22: With the exception of the Thompson Shield, players and/or their caddies are not permitted to use ride-on vehicles in any events organised by the League. Players and caddies who have a disability may make use of golf buggies providing that they comply with the England Golf Policy on the use of buggies. Distance measuring devices are permitted for all competitions.

Rule 23: Any disputes or other matters relating to these Rules must be referred to the League Secretary or Chair immediately and must be in writing. All decisions taken by the League’s officials, in relation to such matters, will be final.

Newcastle & District Golf League
February 2024